Electrical & Electronic Maintenance


High Dielectric Red Insulating Varnish

High Dielectric Red Insulating Varnish. A fast, tough, durable method of insulating electrical devices of all types. Protects against dangerous Corona discharge, arcing and high voltage leaks. Positively will not crack under vibration.


Moisture Suppressant for Electrical Fittings

Moisture Suppressant for Electrical Fittings. Evaporates water on plugs, points and other delicate automotive parts. Instantly forms moisture barrier.


"Back-To-Spec" Electronics Cleaner

"Back-To-Spec" Electronics Cleaner. Engineered to be an easy-to-use and highly-effective cleaner for all types of electrical/electronic components and parts. Highly recommended for cleaning, degreasing or flushing away oxides, burnt-on carbon, varnishing build-up and oil contaminants. Non-flammable.