Automotive Maintenance


Battery Cable & Terminal Protector

Battery Cable & Terminal Protector. Forms a corrosion and moisture-proof protection coating that holds power longer. Cuts battery maintenance costs drastically.


"Double Action" Power Belt Dressing

"Double Action" Power Belt Dressing. A fast, easy and clean method of protecting and prolonging the service life of all types of power transmission belts.


Super Gasket Remover

Super Gasket Remover. Features high-energy ingredients that quickly and economically remove old or damaged gasketting compopunds and materials from machinery surfaces. Ensures maximum "sealability" when a new gasket is to be used.


Superior Gasketting Compound

Superior Gasketting Compound. Engineered to replace fully 98% of conventional, old-fashioned gasketting materials that offer limited life and performance. Can be used on virtually all types of flanges, cover plates, hose connections and threaded assemblies.