Hard Facing Alloys


Universal Hardfacing Electrode

Universal Hardfacing Electrode. Tough ferritic matrix that resists both impact and abrasion. Outwears other electrodes that cost twice as much.


Impact-Resistant Alloy for Manganese Steel

Impact-Resistant Alloy for Manganese Steel. Withstands extreme shock, loading & impact. Ideal for heavy construction & mining equipment overlays and build-ups.


Hardfacing Electrode for High-Stress Abrasion

Features a dense matrix impregnated with hard carbides to resist both high-stress and low-stress.


Hardfacing Electrode for Extreme Abrasion

Hardfacing Electrode for Extreme Abrasion. Withstands even the most severe grinding abrasion. Outwear ordinary hardfacing rods as much as 30 to 1.


Superior Build-Up Electrode

Superior Build-Up Electrode. Excellent for flame hardening. Non-cracking even on multipass deposits.