Product Launch Announcement Omega 642 / Omega 588 ISO VG 220
15 December, 2016    View in browser
Product Launch Announcement
Omega 642 / Omega 588 ISO VG 220
Dear OMEGA Distributors,
ITW PP & F Korea Limited is delighted to announce that Omega 588 Synthetic FG Machinery Oil (ISO VG 220) and Omega 642 Synthetic FG HAL Hi-Temp Chain Oil (available in ISO VG 68 & 220) is now available for delivery (pack size: 5 & 20 Liter for both new products). These products are:
NSF H1-listed,
Halal and Kosher quality certified,
designed to offer outstanding lubrication performance satisfying the stringent MRO requirements of the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Omega 588 ISO VG 220, which meets or exceeds the “DIN 51517-3 CLP” specification of gear lubricants, is highly recommended for use in light to medium loaded gear units and bearings.
Omega 642 is recommended for use in protecting and lubricating chain units such as transport chains, oven chains, chain drives, hoisting chains, etc. frequently exposed to elevated temperatures up to 250oC.
Best Regards,
ITW PP & F Korea Limited
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