ZetaLube 215 EAL Wire Rope Compound Product Launch Announcement
15 November, 2016    View in browser
ZetaLube 215 EAL Wire Rope Compound
Product Launch Announcement
Dear ZetaLube Distributors,
TW PP & F Korea Limited (ITW PPFK) is delighted to announce that ZetaLube 215 EAL Wire Rope Compound (ZL 215) is now available. EU Ecolabel certified and in compliant with the VGP regulation on environmentally acceptable lubricants, ZL 215 is an advanced biodegradable wire rope lubricant with minimal toxicity. ZL 215 satisfies all the stringent tests on biodegradability, bioaccumulation and eco-toxicity to ensure that its impact on environment is reduced as compared to that of conventional wire rope lubricants.

ZetaLube 215 EAL Wire Rope Compound guarantees the following high level of performance:
1)offers unparalleled protection to wire ropes exposed to corrosive operating environment,
2)forms a thin film to prevent build-up of dust and dirt and is highly resistant to water wash-off, &
3)provides excellent lubricity to the wires and strands for protection against wear.
ZL 215 can be applied by brush, swab or automatic applicator. It is designed for protecting and lubricating a variety of industrial and marine equipment, such as wire ropes, cables, slideways, chains, etc. In particular, it is recommended for marine applications demanding Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants as specified in the VGP guidelines.
Best Regards
ITW PP & F Korea Limited
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