Magna 88C
The Metal Alloy which is 500 PERCENT Stronger than Ordinary Solders and has Super Corrosion Resistance!
Magna 88C:
  • Is easily applied at very low heat
  • Contains no lead, zinc, cadmium, antimony or any other metals which corrode easily
  • Complies with all pure food laws
  • Is easily applied to stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, copper, bronze and practically all other metals
  • May be applied with flame or iron
Magna 88 flux may be used to improve flow in long laps or difficult to bond metals.
Tensile Strength up
to p.s.i. (kg/mm2)
Base Metal Bonding Temp. (C) Sizes
14,000 (9.8) 215° 3.2mm-1/8"