Magna 303
The Most Successful Super High Tensile Strength Electrode of All Time
Welds all steels: mild steel, medium and high-carbon steel, spring steel, tool steel, and manganese steel.
Has these all-purpose features:
  • Non-cracking
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • No undercutting
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Work-hardens - toughens with use
  • Welds on contact
  • 50% stronger than stainless steel welding rod
  • Up to 85 kg/mm2 tensile strength
  • Up to 35% elongation
  • Reduces need for pre-heating on "Problem-steel" welding
  • Formulated to withstand severe shocks
Magna 303 with highest tensile strength (up to 85 kg/mm2) is the answer to today's needs for repairing all steels. You don't have to guess which rod to use because this alloy can be used for welding all types of steel.
When you use Magna 303 you need to stock only one alloy for all your steel welding. This reduces you inventory and eliminates guesswork.
Tensile Strength up
to p.s.i. (kg/mm2)
Typical Hardness Brinell
Electrode Current Sizes
120,000 (85) 238 AC-DC RP 4.8mm-3/16"
T.I.G. 1.6mm-1/16"